Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why only Men Rehabs

God has made us humans. There is a lot of difference between the structure of men and women. Of course apart from the physical structure, there is also a very vast difference between the mental and emotional structure of both the sexes. The women are generally very talkative and expressive about their feelings. The defense mechanisms which the women use to get rid of their stress are much in number as compared to that of men. Generally the women like to cry out their worries or talk it out with their friends, or do excess of shopping in hand to overcome the stress in her mind. Whereas in the case of men, the whole scenario is very different, or I say it is very opposite to that of the women. Men generally don’t show their feelings and problems to anyone.

Whereas they are ones who are exposed to more of it than the women as they working places are very demanding and in some cases there are chances of failure. Hence in order to counter stress, the men species use defense mechanisms like smoking, or drinking alcohol which is very harmful to the body. As the saying goes that men don’t cry or men knows no pain. All these are just said for the sake, they don’t really prevail inside a man’s heart. After all they are also human and they feel the same pain that women feel, and have the same emotions and feelings. The only problem is they are programmed to show it, or probably they don’t know how to show it.

There is one more defense mechanism that the men use nowadays which is known as drug addiction. They like to use this because it is very fast in giving the actual state of mind that they require. Knowing the fact that it is not the solution of the problem or the answer to it, they still urge to go for it. The case of drug addiction is common in the men species as compared to the women. In order to pull a man out of this, men's drug rehab is a good option any day. I have come to know that there are some good drug rehab California centers for men which have excellent healing properties. So do recommend anybody who is suffering from it or is seeking urgent help.

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